EMV Ready

Merchants without EMV-certified terminals may be liable for certain types of fraud. The good news: CORE's Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) solution works at both your POS stations and kiosks using "Chip-and-PIN" certified equipment to protect your transactions.

A Revolution In Cashless Readers

Enhancing Transaction Simplicity

With integrated Wi-Fi support, installation complexities are significantly reduced, saving both time and costs. No more network cables cluttering your machines or games. Moreover, our new handheld models come equipped with interchangeable lithium-ion batteries for uninterrupted performance.

But that's just the beginning. The Paydia NXS Swiper Model is fully customizable, allowing venues to program purchase options and display logos, specials, and branded content directly on the card reader screen. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with existing CORE infrastructure, communicating effortlessly with the M.O.R.E. accounting and reporting software. It's time to step up your cashless game with the Paydia NXS Swiper Model.


Key advantages and capabilities

1. Wi-Fi Support
  • Integrated WIFI reduces installation complexity. Network cables need not be attached to each machine or game, saving deployment time and cost while opening up new installation possibilities. Additionally, our new handheld models utilize interchangeable lithium-ion batteries.

2. Customizable Screen
  • Want to run a promotion? Not only do the Paydia® Readers allow venues to program and reprogram purchase options, it can also integrate logos, specials, and other branded material directly onto the card reader screen.

3. Backwards Compatibility
  • Perhaps best of all, Paydia® Readers can be implemented alongside existing CORE infrastructure, and communicates with the existing M.O.R.E. accounting and reporting software.

Paydia® Readers

Reimagining Cashless Experiences

We call it the Paydia® Reader. You’ll call it fast, flexible, and future-ready. Designed to work with the new Paydia® Kiosks, it comes in four models:

• Swiper

Used with cards with magnetic stripes or bar codes. A popular choice in arcades and amusement centers across the globe.

• Scanner

For wristbands, mobile phones, or cards with bar codes. A natural fit for water and theme parks.


Used with cards, wristbands, or mobile phones with RFID chips. Offers easy payment, access control, and time play.

• Handheld

CORE’s newest addition, the handheld is the perfect fit for scanning on the go. Current models handle barcodes or RFID scanning; future versions will be capable of credit card processing.