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With a dedicated team of engineers and experts, we have crafted a suite of cutting-edge products that redefine convenience, security, and efficiency in payment systems.

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Future-ready payment solutions

EMV Ready

As the payment landscape evolves, security remains paramount. Our Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) certified solution stands as a beacon of trust and security. With the recent changes in credit card processing regulations, our EMV solution ensures that transactions at your POS stations and kiosks are fortified with Chip-and-PIN certified equipment. This safeguard protects businesses from liability associated with certain types of fraud.

Paydia® Kiosks

Meet the future of transaction points with the Paydia Kiosk. Built on the robust foundation of CORE's flagship AT kiosk, it offers customization, security with EMV certification, and versatile deployment options. Redefine customer interactions with Paydia Kiosks - where innovation meets performance.

Paydia® Readers

Fast, flexible, and future-proof, the Paydia Reader is your gateway to effortless transactions. Crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Paydia Kiosk, it ensures a smooth payment experience. Elevate your transactions with the simplicity and innovation of Paydia Readers.

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Revolutionizing Guest Experiences

Experience the future of hassle-free transactions in action at some of the most exciting and vibrant entertainment destinations across the globe. Our innovative cashless solutions have become integral to the operations of amusement parks, water parks, theme parks, and more!

Our Commitment to Innovation

We have harnessed the power of modern hardware to engineer a cashless solution that breaks barriers.

Our cutting-edge hardware redefines what's possible in the world of cashless transactions.
Enjoy the benefits of advanced technology without the exorbitant costs – our solution is designed for affordability.
Embrace the power of customization with our adaptable kiosks and readers that align with your unique business needs.
Our commitment to innovation isn't just about technology – it's about boosting your business's immediate ROI.


In the words of our partners, the evolution towards a cashless future with us is a journey of shared success.

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