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Europay-Mastercard-Visa. Chip-and-PIN. It goes by many names. It means one thing: Major credit card networks have shifted fraud liability to the merchant. Find out how CORE can upgrade your business.

Paydia® Readers

CORE’s new card reader. It’s fast, flexible, and future proof. There are three models available, and you can order them all right here.

Paydia® Kiosks

Built on the foundation of CORE’s flagship AT kiosk, the Paydia® Kiosk delivers stable performance in the most high traffic environments.

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Some of the clients enjoying higher revenue with CORE solutions

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Carnival Cruise
Royal Caribbean International
John's Incredible Pizza Co.
Fun Spot America Theme Parks
Cliff's Amusement Park
Arnolds Park Amusement Park



Unlike some, we don't charge bar code fees for cards or wristbands.

Some of our server run for more than 24 months without needing to reboot.

Over 200 global clients receive higher revenue with our tailor-made solutions.

CORE processes over 2 million transactions every year.

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Discounted Hotels for 2016 User Summit

Discounted Room Rates – 2016 User Summit: Santa Cruz

2016 User Summit Room Rates We’ve partners with hotels in the area so you don’t have to break your bank to stay super close to the action. Reach out to any of the hotels listed below, mention CORE’s User Summit, and put all of those dollars you’re going to save into a pretty piggy bank. […]

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EMV Reminder

A reminder: in October of last year, all major card networks began rollout of a fraud liability shift in the U.S. This means that merchants without EMV-certified credit card terminals may be liable for certain types of credit card fraud. CORE CASHLESS HAS A SOLUTION. CORE Cashless is ready to help you avoid this liability, […]

CORE Users Summit Sept 28 - 30

The 2016 CORE Users Summit in Santa Cruz

CORE Cashless invites you to reserve time in your schedule for the 2016 CORE Users Summit, hosted by the Santa Cruz CORE Users Group. Sept 28-30. Three days of learning, breakout sessions, questions, answers, new product announcements, and a very exciting giveaway. For more info and to take advantage of Early Bird pricing, please visit the 2016 Users Summit […]

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STAY TUNED for updates regarding the #CORESummit. We are planning events designed for you and your feedback. Because that's what it's about.